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Some good news for Nike fans emerged, as it has been announced that the Air Jordan 1 shoes,“ the Shattered Backboard”, is going to repeat its role with a different array of colors this time. One of the popular motions by Air Jordan 1 is to take some of the fan favorite models and spice them up with different materials, and it appears that “the Shattered Backboard” is going to get a facelift and become the “Satin Shattered Backboard”. These shoes will be made of some of the most luxe materials along with an embroidered Swoosh and is being produced specifically for the female market.

Ladies can now feel even more feminine in their fantastic satin sneakers, as this is the most significant upgrade to the ladies’ fashion shoe industry. More often in recent years female sneakers have been on the uprise, so AJ1 decided to take it into their own hands and give the shoe market their own flavor for the women. The expected release date for the “Satin Shattered Backboard” is set right now for May 5th. A pair is anticipated to cost $160 and they will only release a few units in limited quantity. Therefore, all ladies out there who might want to snag a pair of these will have to keep their ears and eyes open for any updates, as they are due to hit the shelves in about a month.

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