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It seems that adidas and Kanye West are teaming up yet again for another colorway launch happening later this year, the YEEZY 500, “Ultraviolet”. Even though no official release date has been set for this pair, the rumor is that they will be hitting the shelves as early as this fall. These shoes will feature a vibrant purple color atop along with the classic gum-colored out-sole, which is enough to make any sneaker fan nostalgic for well-loved designs of the past. The announcement of the potential YEEZY 500 comes right after the launch for the Yeezy Blush, which has given invested customers something to be excited about in the upcoming months.

This pair itself is thought to be what may be leading iteration for YEEZY Season 7, as it’s also going to feature high-quality leather, mesh construction, and cow suede in it’s design like it originally was. The type of shoe looks like it will  be an athletic one that could also pass for fashion shoe, and it will be exciting to hear more details about it as we get past the summer months. What is know for sure is that adidas fans will be going crazy for a pair of these, as it will definitely be a coveted design. Stay tuned for updates!

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