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Sole Premise Emerald Green Luciano Leather Collection

Sole Premise is proud to unveil Our Emerald Green Bag Collection. It will feature:

Below we wanted to share a lookbook of what this release looks like and how it completely stands out from our other colors as well as every other bag on the market!

Signature Bag Design

Our signature design is built to hold 5 pairs of shoes, clothes, laptop, and more!

Luxury Duffle Bags

Our luxury duffle bag line can hold up to 4 pairs of shoes as well as space for clothes, shoes, toiletries and more!

Commuter Bag Line

Our daily commuter bags can hold up to 3 pairs of Shoes, Clothes, laptop, headphones and more!

Cross Body Bags

Our new sling bags are made with Premium Leather and designed to wear around your waist, across your body as well as off your shoulder.

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