versatile & lightweight

The Only Backpack You Need When Hitting The Court

  • Thick High-Quality Backpack Straps

  • 5 Compartments for Shoes and Clothes

  • Chest Belt

  • Comfortable and Breathable Back Panel

  • Multiple Travel-Focused Pockets

  • Peak Patented One of a Kind Design

The ANSWER whether your Traveling or headed to the courts.

Weather Resistance

Keep your valuables, gear, tech items and expensive possessions in your pack safe from the weather

Durability and Quality

With our 1680d polyester exterior, we have made sure that the bag can hold up to tough conditions as well as provide top-notch quality.

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5 Shoe Compartments

Leave the court knowing you got an extra pair of shoes and clothes waiting for you in the Sole Premise bag! 5 pairs all packed up and ready to whenever you need them.

The best part your shoes will be nicely protected in our patented design that is built to keep your shoes nicely stowed away in individualized compartments.

Pack Your Valuables

Whether your packing for before or after your practice or pick up, we have you covered with 5 individual compartments that double as shoe compartments. Not to mention, you can take this same bag and pack for your next cross-country or weekend trip.

Our compartments make it easy to plan out your outfits based on the day as well as throwing in extra shirts, shorts, jeans and more based on your destination.

Sneaker Protection

Making it to your destination can be bump and rough so there is nothing more important than a travel bag that can protect your items.

Our Sole Premise bag has several layers of padding to ensure your items are protected, safe, and neatly stowed so you can focus on enjoying your trip and not worry about your items getting damaged.

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Trusted By Many NBA Players Across the League

The Days of Checking In, your Bag are over. Overhead or under the seat, The Sole Premise bag is your partner when traveling.  Book your next Island Getaway, Weekend Escape,  or Long awaited Overseas venture and know that you can take all your belongings as well as your shoes with you in ONE BAG

Accessory Pockets

When traveling, we all love to bring our gadgets, laptops, sunglasses, lotion, watches, and tablets but struggle with finding a place for it. We have designed a bag that allows you to carry all those items, both neatly and safely, in our one of a kind travel backpack. As you can see below, we have maximized all the space of the bag, to ensure you can travel with all the items you want to bring along.

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