Holds 5 Pairs of Shoes + Clothes + Laptop & More!

Like NOTHING on the Market

Can hold size 18 shoes and more!

5 Shoe Compartments

Large Bottom Compartment

Misc Compartments

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Avoid Baggage Fees When You Travel
Turn to Our Versatile Carry On!

Pack Your Clothes In Compartments

We all tend to overpack when heading for a trip, but with our Sole Premise bag, all our compartments make it easy to plan out your outfits based on the day as well as throwing in extra shirts, shorts, jeans and more based on your destination.

Sneaker Protection

Making it to your destination can be bump and rough so there is nothing more important than a travel bag that can protect your items. Our Sole Premise bag has several layers of padding to ensure your items are protected, safe, and neatly stowed so you can focus on enjoying your trip and not worry about your items getting damaged.


  • Thick High-Quality Backpack Straps

  • Chest Belt

  • Comfortable and Breathable Back Panel

  • Multiple Travel-Focused Pockets

  • Peak Patented One of a Kind Design

Accessory Pockets

When traveling, we all love to bring our gadgets, laptops, sunglasses, lotion, watches, and tablets but struggle with finding a place for it. We have designed a bag that allows you to carry all those items, both neatly and safely, in our one of a kind travel backpack. As you can see below, we have maximized all the space of the bag, to ensure you can travel with all the items you want to bring along.

Images From Our Customers

Your next trip calls for the best Travel Bag

This bag does it all from carrying clothes and shoes in our innovative individualized compartments which also double as a perfect pocket for your other travel essentials. These compartments have been built to protect the items inside as one the biggest fears while traveling is your items getting damaged or ruined. We tackled that obstacle by adding layers of padding as well as using top-notch material on the exterior of the bag. The bag can also hold up to size a 17′ Laptop and can hold up to size 15 shoes! You now only need ONE bag for all your travels.

“The best bag available. A must-have for any traveler. I was always needing a bag to take all my shoes and electronics when I traveled and lived in Europe. Now that I’m back home in the states I found the bag for me. Sole Premise’s travel bag is the best bag available now when I go back to Europe I can take all my shoes and electronics with me as a carry on and never have to worry or leave anything behind.”

Phil Martinez(verified owner)

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It caters to your travel needs and lifestyle

Weather Resistance

Keep your valuables, gear, tech items and expensive possessions in your pack safe from the weather

Durability and Quality

With our 1680d polyester and leather exterior, we have made sure that the bag can hold up to tough conditions as well as provide top-notch quality.

Laptop compartment

A separate padded compartment keeps your electronics secure