Uncovering the Revolutionary Sneaker Bag That Can Hold Five Pairs!

Are you tired of having to pick a shoe to wear for your upcoming travel because the bag you have doesn't have an area to properly stow and protect the expensive, valuable shoes you own?

I've been there and that is why I created Sole Premise. My life has been dictated by my big ole feet (size 14) and not being able to find a place to carry them when traveling.

The Story Behind the Bag Design

Back in 2017, I had enough of this madness, and much like Pinky and the Brain, I decided to take over the world (the bag world that is).

I took a trip to Puerto Rico and much like many of you I stuffed all my items including my valuable Sneakers into my rolling luggage. TSA went through it but left my Gel and Cologne open which effectively destroyed EVERYTHING inside.

After my face turned 3 shades red, I returned back down to Earth and began plotting how I can avoid this. I turned to the internet and found NOTHING. I went to bed that evening on a mission to make a product that will allow me to carry: My Shoes, My Clothes, a Laptop, and other travel essentials.

No Joke, I had a dream that night of a backpack that allowed me to carry up to 5 pairs of shoes along w/ clothes, a laptop, socks, underwear, and much more. I ran to the nearest notepad drew it and kept it close until I arrived back home.

The journey just got started as it took some time to get a factory to bring my idea to life but after almost 2 years I finally got one that made me celebrate like Mike Malone after an NBA Championship.

The Bag that Finally Let Me Travel with My Jordans & More

The dream took life on December 2017 when I showcased and unveiled the Sole Premise Bag at Sneakercon NYC. The audience was blown away by the multiple compartments, the comfort of the backpack, and the overall style of the bag.

I had sneakerheads and shoe collectors give me a hug thanking me for making a product that allows them to take their favorite pairs on the road with them.

For years many of them had left their "high-valued" shoes at home in fear that they would get absolutely demolished if their bags or suitcases.

From a dream to a reality! Now it's time to get your hands on one!

The Sole Premise Carry-on Backpack (Our Patented Design)

Designed for both men and women, combining style and functionality. It's the perfect accessory for those who never compromise on their passion for sneakers. Elevate your sneaker game with Sole Premise Bags, the ONLY WAY TO TRAVEL!

Get Yours Today: https://solepremise.com/collections/carry-on-backpack

Is it TSA Carry-On Approved?

With our patented design, you can now bring your favorite footwear options without worrying about compromising space or organization. In addition to their practicality, our carry-on travel backpacks are also TSA-compliant, ensuring a smooth journey through airport security.

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