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The ONLY Bags Built to Carry Your Shoes! It doesn’t stop there, they also can hold Clothes, Laptop and much more!


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For the OverPacker

Get Everything you Need into our Signature Bag plus a little extra for those what-if moments.

For the Backpacker

Pack light and get your travel essentials stowed away in the perfect bag.

For the Luxury Traveler

Traveling in comfort and style with first-class treatment starts with bags that reflects that.

For the Extended Traveler

Hitting the road for an extended trip requires more areas to pack those essential items that are needed for longer travel.

Our Patented Design

Innovative Individualized Compartments

Built to Hold and Protect your Shoes, Clothes and other travel items within these compartments.

Bottom Compartment

Built to hold some of your biggest travel items while keeping it protected in our innovative padded compartments. Perfect for carrying large items like coats, hoodies, jackets as well as shoes/sneakers.

Laptop Compartment

Our laptop compartment holds up to a size 17′ laptop as well as any other paperwork you need to take with you.

Ultra Durable

Our bag has been built with the most durable material enabling our customers to use it in any climate or occassion.

Interior Pockets

Our bag has interior pockets to hold clothes, toiletries, socks, under garments an much more!

Stop cramming all your items in oversized luggage, you can put everything in our patented Carry-on Backpack.

Sports Shoe Bag

Begin Traveling Smarter With Our Bags


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