Travel Bag For Shoes, Clothes, Laptop, Camera and More

Packing and Traveling Smart

Perfect for the new era of travelers who are utilizing all space provided in their bag as well as wanting to protect their items.

Innovative Individualized Compartments

Built to Hold and Protect your Shoes, Clothes and other travel items within these compartments.

Bottom Compartment

Built to hold some of your biggest travel items while keeping it protected in our innovative padded compartments. Perfect for carrying large items like coats, hoodies, jackets as well as shoes/sneakers.

Laptop Compartment

Our laptop compartment holds up to a size 17′ laptop as well as any other paperwork you need to take with you.

Ultra Durable

Our bag has been built with the most durable material (Polyester 1680d) enabling our customers to use it in any climate or occassion.

Many Uses For Any Occasion

There are countless reasons why our bag is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different.

Protect and Carry Your Travel Items Like Never Before

This bag does it all from carrying clothes and shoes in our innovative individualized compartments which also double as a perfect pocket for your other travel essentials. These compartments have been built to protect the items inside as one the biggest fears while traveling is your items getting damaged or ruined. We tackled that obstacle by adding layers of padding as well as using top-notch material on the exterior of the bag. The bag can also hold up to size a 17′ Laptop and can hold up to size 15 shoes! You now only need ONE bag for all your travels.

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Save the Cost Of Having To Check In a Bag

As you plan that next trip, get yourself the bag you need to save yourself the headache of having to pay for a Checked in bag and Protect your SHOES as well as your travel items with the Sole Premise Shoe Bag.

This bag is great for traveling especially when needing to travel with quite a few items like your shoes, clothes, laptop, paperwork, jackets and more! So often we are having to travel with 1, 2 and sometimes 3 bags. With our innovative design, we have enabled bag owners to travel with just 1 bag as it can fit so much in our individualized compartments.

Our bag is not just built for the sneaker enthusiasts, it’s also great for barbers, athletes, bodybuilders, female/male fitness competitors, gym goers and your everyday traveler for leisure and business.

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5 Individualized Compartments


TSA Approved Carry On Bag


Bottom Compartment for Apparel, Misc items, or a Pair of Shoes


Laptop Compartment


Passport and Travel Essentials Compartment


Can Hold up to Size 15 Shoe

Begin Traveling Smarter With Our Bag