Episode 1 Podcast: Building a Brand with Owner Anthony Fernandez

Episode 1 Podcast: Building a Brand with Owner Anthony Fernandez

Owner, Designer and Entrepreneur

When someone goes to start a business and says they’re going all-in on their dream, how often is there that moment of doubt? That moment of seeing your comfort zone leave your side and you launch yourself into the unknown? I would say often, and I know for Anthony Fernandez that moment came and went but he hasn’t held back.
As the debut guest of the new feature production of Sole Premise Media, “The Sole Premise Podcast”, co-hosted by Sole Premise Marketing Communications Manager Jae Pizarro and music producer and hip-hop culture aficionado Jay Blancco, there was an in-depth conversation had on the rise of the self-made Sole Premise Inventor, Founder, President, CEO, and now also host on The Sole Premise Podcast. Anthony Fernandez revolutionized the sneaker and travel industry with his Patented Signature Travel bag whose rising popularity is quickly becoming the industry standard for sneaker travel bags. He spoke honestly and openly about the humble beginnings of the Sole Premise brand as well as news for the future projects and products he has in the works.
It was only fitting for the new Podcast costing trio to dive into the history and purpose of the revolutionary brand that has been on a meteoric rise on its multi-media platforms both on social media as well as YouTube and now has thrown its hat into the Podcasting arena.
A casual yet focused conversation began with a candid discussion on his philosophy as an entrepreneur, what is Sole Premise, and what makes it different? Anthony stated that his brand “elevates the way you get from point A to point B” characterizing his products as your “partner in crime, no matter where you go, what you’re doing and how you plan to get there… wherever it is you're going we (Sole Premise) want to be your companion. Born from an all-too-common nightmare encounter with TSA bag check and fueled by the hustle and work ethic Anthony saw growing up in Miami from his grandfather who according to Anthony “was always an entrepreneur… always had a million jobs… and was afraid to work.” On the surface, the fully Patented design of the Sole Premise Signature Travel bag is what makes the bag unique and unlike any other travel bag but of course given its origin Anthony plans elevate not just your travels abroad but also to work, daily commute, and everything in between.
The conversation touched on everything from the UCF Business graduate's views on the educational systems hampering of the entrepreneurial spirit to the importance of finding your own voice in a Social and Digital marketing-driven market. The guest and cohosts discussed surviving and thriving throughout the Pandemic and Supply chain issues that have seen the end of many small businesses stating that,
The Sole Premise Podcast is available on our hosting site as well as across all major podcast sources including iTunes, Spotify, IHeart, & more.


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