Shoe Bag at SneakerCon

Sole Premise Debuts Shoe Bag at SneakerCon NYC 2017

Sole Premise Debuts Shoe Bag at SneakerCon NYC 2017
SneakerCon NYC was one of the best events of the year! There were roughly 20,000 spectators that came to buy, sell, trade and enjoy the festivities of this legendary annual event. Sole Premise debuted their Shoe Bag and the reception was insanely positive with feedback like: "The quality of the bag is insane" "I can't believe I can fit that many shoes in the bag" "The bag is dope" "I love that it's a Carry On and Easy to Put right on my Back" Many Sneaker Youtubers came by the booth with similar feedback as they recognized the quality along with its unique design allowing you to carry up to 5 pairs of shoes along with Clothes, Laptop, Socks and Much More!
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Many of them also expressed that this has been a big missing piece in the industry especially for Sneakerheads who travel and do not want their shoes to bend, fold, crease or have any damage to their destination.