Sneakerhead Gifts: A Must When Traveling with Your Shoes

We all know a handful of friends who absolutely love their sneakers. They spend their days counting down the time until the next bit release by Nike, Jordan, Adidas, New Balance or lately Asics. As their birthdays roll around, we struggle to find them the perfect gift especially one that aligns to their love for sneakers.

While many naturally turn to cleaning products or shoe trees, if your a sneakerhead chances are you already have those in your tool box as you use it to keep your valued pairs in immaculate condition.

Keeping our shoes in good shape tends to be a top priority but one area that is often forgotten is taking those coveted shoes with us while we travel. We all have nightmare stories of luggage being lost or mishandled by TSA. 

Thankfully 7 years, a bag was made that allows you to carry 3-5 shoes, clothes, laptop, under garments and much more! 

1. The Sole Premise Carry-on Backpack (Our Patented Design)

Designed for both men and women, combining style and functionality. It's the perfect accessory for those who never compromise on their passion for sneakers. Elevate your sneaker game with Sole Premise Bags, the ONLY WAY TO TRAVEL!

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Why its Perfect for Sneakerheads

The design allows you to carry up to a weeks worth of shoes (5-7 pairs) as well as other travel essentials including clothes, tooth brush, electronics, and much more.

More importantly all bags are TSA-compliant, ensuring a smooth journey through airport security.

2. Sneaker Duffle

Sneaker Duffle

Our Sneaker Duffle Bags were designed for sneakerheads and travel enthusiasts. This sleek and durable bag holds up to four pairs of sneakers, making it the perfect shoe bag for travel. With features like a convenient shoulder strap, TSA approved carry-on size, and the ability to accommodate shoes up to size 15, our Sneaker Travel Bag offers unbeatable benefits:

  • Ample Storage: Pack up to four pairs of sneakers securely and efficiently.
  • Easy Carrying: The shoulder strap ensures comfortable and hassle-free transport.
  • TSA Approved Sneaker Duffle Bag: Travel with confidence as our bag meets carry-on size regulations.
  • Fits Large Shoes: Accommodates shoe sizes up to 15, catering to all sneaker enthusiasts.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for travel, sports and leisure

3. The Sole Premise Commuter Bag

This bag that can magically do it all from travel, daily use, business commuting, and even extended weekend getaways. The Commuter bag can hold 2-3 pairs of shoes, laptop, daily or travel essentials, designated tablet compartment, and much more. Its been wildly used by Sneakerheads to travel to sneaker conventions and worldwide sneaker releases. 

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