How To Pack Shoes, Boots, Sneakers & Heels for Travel Like a Pro

How To Pack Shoes, Boots, Sneakers & Heels for Travel Like a Pro

Packing shoes is one of the most daunting challenges one can have when traveling. What only compounds the issue is how important it is to have versatile footwear for your trip. Simply put, it is merely impossible to get away with carrying one pair of shoes on most vacations or during business-related travel excursions. Most people need at least one good pair of sneakers, as well as some dressier options for a work function or a night out on the town.

Outdoor explorers need to make even more considerations for hiking boots and other rugged footwear. Some sneakerheads and fashionistas want to make sure they have shoes with them that fit every style or mood.
You can see how carrying all these footwear options while still packing smart quickly becomes difficult. The space these items take up, however, can be creatively carved out during any packing process.

Common Footwear You Travel With:
-Tennis Shoes 

    You want to make sure that any shoes you travel with are inclosed in some way in their own space. This can be accomplished with an individual compartment, like the ones found inside a Sole Premise bag, or something as simple as wrapping them in a grocery bag or tissue paper.
    No matter what kind of bag you travel with, an investment in shoe or bookbags made of a soft fabric can also help safeguard your most expensive and prized kicks.

    Another way to protect your shoes, particularly the shape of them, is to tuck other things into them prior to placing them in the bag. You can pack socks, underwear, belts and other small items into the toe, protecting the integrity of the shoe's fit.

    T-shirts can also be rolled up into larger boots to maintain the shape of the calves. Not only does this ensure your shoes will look as good as they did before you pack them, but it also helps you save space in your bag.
    Sole Premise bags make protecting shoes and sneakers easier than ever before. Our largest bags come with up to five compartments, each perfectly accommodating a pair of shoes.

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