Episode 4 Podcast: From Day 1 with Big A Customs

Episode 4 Podcast: From Day 1 with Big A Customs

Down since DAY with Big A from Big A Customs

The road to building the dream and life of an entrepreneur is a long and lonely road filled with adversity. You must be tough and stay focused but when your reach that place where you look around and see your dream begin to manifest it’s an indescribable feeling of accomplishment.

For Sole Premise CEO Anthony Fernandez when that road led him to NYC for this first real convention showcasing his new venture that road led him to one big man, Big A. He is THE DAY 1 of the Sole Premise Family. He is the 1st person in the industry to lay eyes on the bag within the sneaker industry and take Sole Premise seriously and treat the brand with respect cause that’s just who he is.

Big A Customs specializes in recycling authentic designer goods and repurposing their materials to make one-of-a-kind custom pieces. They aim to incorporate innovative designs and techniques to both enhance the longevity of designer goods and promote sustainability within the fashion industry. The man the myth the legend BIG A joined us live in the studio to talk all things custom and reminisce on those first moments for Sole Premise.

Now we head heard this story briefly from Anthony’s perspective where he speaks very highly of how Big A took him under his wing so to speak at his first convention in NYC with the Sole Premise Signature bag. As the first person he walked up to and spoke to on that maiden voyage in a very much protected industry, Big A states he remembers that moment vividly and the respect he showed Anthony was based on a very simple idea stating, “First of all he was a grown-ass man. If you’re a grown man, and you’re investing money into a business, you’re not wasting your time. You're gonna make this happen.”

According to Big A when you have the combination of a great product, great person, and great family man the decision to rock with the brand and support is easy for him, but beyond that, he truly felt Anthony was on to something unique and different.

Now as someone who has had your hands on every bag on the market, to deconstruct, reconstruct, or restore he goes on to confirm from experience that most high-end luxury bags are not made from a material that warrants the price tag, design, and branding aside stating that just from looking at our Sole Premise bags he can see that for the price point we have a much higher quality leather bag that most on the market. Our Patented Travel bags are made of genuine tumbled leather while most of the higher-end bags he has worked with are a coated canvas material with minimal leather trims or accents. Anthony goes on to state “I never wanted to make things that were unattainable, right? There’s no point in having a brand that you can’t even touch the product because it’s too expensive.”

With all the knowledge and experience Big A has accumulated, the story of his beginnings in the industry is the stuff of legends. At his size and his position growing up in the projects of NYC he always sought to stand out from the rest and from the normal day-to-day that was attainable within his inner circle. He took one of his lowest moments, being fired from his 1st job, and invested in himself to create something new and unique. Before he knew it this new and unique became what everyone around him wanted and the rest is history. These days everything from shoes, bags, hats, shirts, gun holsters, phone cases, and every accessory you can think of can get the Big A touch of new and unique.

The next big thing to his talent and life’s journey is the platform of over 60k followers across Instagram and TikTok who tune in to not catch not just his custom work in progress but more importantly his daily walks and “Think about it” motivation moments. A true giant in the sneaker and custom industry you do not want to miss this episode of the Sole Premise Podcast.The Sole Premise Podcast is available on our hosting site as well as across all major podcast sources including iTunes, Spotify, IHeart, & more.


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